The Way

Position, Power, Purpose


The Question of Authority -- Answered


You are not God. And it's not even close.

Score 200 on that man-made IQ test? Great. Talk to me when you can create a volitional being from nothing.

Or when you can enact a millennia-long redemptive plan to rescue the sorry rear ends of your rebellious children, and package the story neatly in a book you wrote over two of those millennia as a gift to them and future generations, and as a means to relay to them just how foolish they have been, and how they might become wise unto salvation.

You do not compare. You do not make the rules. You cannot even make a single atom, but I'm supposed to pretend you are so great as to be the purveyor of all truth and goodness? Please.

There is One True God.

There is One Creator of All Things.

You are beneath Him.


The One True God, Jesus Christ, has left to us a means of restoring a relationship with him by sincerity and truth. After acknowledging to yourself his right as King over You, as your Creator, acknowledge also that surely he can hear if you were to call upon His Great Name. Whether you continue to explicitly or implicitly curse him with open defiance in word or deed, or simply by considering him not worth your precious time or energy; or whether you will muster a few moments' humility and admit the foregoing [(def)] and following, be confident that The One who created every subatomic particle as well as your reasoning soul, can most assuredly hear your every thought.

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The Power

There is One King of Kings, who could put down your paltry powers with less than a blink.

There is One Name, One Savior of Mankind, and You are not on the short list.


If but a teeny, passing froggie could do you in; or crossing an intersection at the wrong time; or inhaling a microscopic virus; or meeting a macroscopic lion; who then is the more powerful of the two: God who created all these, or the You-god? One way or another, you are beholden to a prowess and power greater than your own; you are less than him; you are not Him.


Fear, Tremble, Think

Give up the notion that you have it all together, all figured out, all in hand. Blow a tire on the freeway at 75mph and then let me know how in-control you are. One nail and your thin tire is shredded, and your life turned upside down in a ditch. Unless you're on a motorcycle, then you're hanging upside down in a tree or face-first and rear-end up through the next guy's windshield and mixing bloods.

Not only are your powers exceedingly inferior to your creator's, but when it comes to solving your two most fundamental problems, you are entirely powerless: Thre is no redeeming yourself from sin, and there is no escape from the grave.

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Care, Trust, Hope

God Will, at your simple and humble plea:

Awaken you to the Light

He will make all things new.

He will grant you an inheritance in his eternal kingdom, where he at this moment reigns supreme, yet having given over this small speck into our hands, to test, and to see, who will love him with the whole heart and soul.

Let The Great Adventure begin ...