Ways to Contribute

Thank you for considering how to help. There are three areas of need listed below, and there are three ways to contribute to each.


Contributions to this area of need will be gratefully considered gifts to be used by KH personally for the needs specified.

Contributions can be in the form of:

Cordials: It would be great to hear from you.
Derisives are also welcome of course, if they are attempting sincerely to be honest, and if they can take it as well as dish it out.
Suggestions, corrections, additions, for the site, the content, and anything else your God-given creativity and criticality can come up with, will always be welcome and considered to be a valuable contribution.

Financials: The help is urgently needed. Please consider donating.

GSM: For contributions of goods, services, and materials, please also use the contact form, and include any pertinent details.


As with Personal contributions,

The ministry page can provide more details as they become available (please pardon my mess -- lots of remodeling will be underway the next few months), so for now, please use the contact form here.

Donations can be made specifically to the ministry work, and will be kept in a separate fund and will be used only for direct ministry work.

KH Studios

As mentioned on the How page,

Christmas Is Coming! It won't be long now!

Please visit the Christmas link above to sign up to receive a Christmas gift for a donation of any amount. Anyhelp will be most graciously received; the goal of this project, like all the others mentioned throughout, is to spread the Gospel, and your help with this project will most certainly accomplish this most important effort.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting. The life and ministry efforts described throughout are for One Purpose, and however you might be able to contribute, even if it is from afar but in Spirit, it is hoped that all the work performed will in some way assist the furtherance of that Great Mission, for you and for many to come:

To Know God

To Make Him Known

To Enjoy Him Forever