Version 0.3 of the KJV-U is now available at bib.land. A work in progress...check back soon!


A newly revised Bible awaits your enjoyment at bib.land. Remember to give it time to fully download; the Bible is a big book. More improvements and additional content coming soon...


Happy Resurrection Day - a most momentous occasion for gratitude and rejoicing.


Happy National Atheists' Day! The warmest and sincerest of unholiday wishes to all Godless everywhere. May the season be joyfool, blissfool, and fool of conviction and a deep, unceasing gnawing at a soul lost and hopeless without Jesus Christ.


Back in business! After a long absence -- working diligently through quite a bit of bouts with illness inevitably encountered hereabouts, to prepare for many ministerings that I hope to share within these sites shortly -- it is almost time to shift into the next gear. Stay tuned!


Still on the road, getting the word out about all the good things God has in store, and about some upcoming events hosted by YT that are sure to rouse a maelstrom of controversy, and that will hopefully help many come to salvation and revival through faith and repentance.


Score one for the good guys! Prayed with a young man last night; he is looking to turn things around, away from drugs, etc., steeped in sin at only eighteen, apparently has had little to no real Christian interaction and guidance up to this point, so he was given as much as a two-hour talk could stuff into a first conversation about Everything. Warned him that God knows if he was sincere and honest during that prayer, talked to him again this morning, seems to be stirred at least to curiosity, hopefully more ... Pray for Chance, pray for me to properly convict and guide him.

Christmas provides a supremely terrific opportunity (chance) for witnessing about God having become flesh.


Hitting the Road!

Heading out for some serious ministry work ... will return to my loyal fellow zealots as soon as possible, unless to the delight of my disloyal, angry-faced dissenters I am flattened by a Greyhound bus or similarly snuffed out.

Due to the change of plans, we will have to put on hold the Christmas release of Project Apropos, but your orders shall be fulfilled, and thank you to everyone who has placed orders thus far -- keep them coming, and your reward shall be even greater! Looking forward to hearing your feedback! Check back here for updates.



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