Moving Forward

(with Accountability)

I do not intend to sit idly by while Titanic descends and settles into the dark depths below; not any more than I would keep the knowledge of the truth of the damage and consequences of the iceberg from another; this is just as serious, just as real, the stakes just as high; that was not just a movie, and neither is this. We are co-passengers, steaming along toward an increasingly apparent, but menacingly silent and seemingly motionless floating mass of crushing destruction; my Christian duty is to sound the alarm, to make the case, to fight those who would lie and make further pretense of "all's well" by rearranging the deck chairs. If you expect anything less than ferocity, then by all means, your local church and nationalized mega-ministry that specialize in holding you accountable for nothing besides towing the line and pretending to enjoy the spoon-feedings of glucose-saturated hydrogen and oxygen in certain proportions and perhaps flavored with a denominational delight, will take your help with a smile.

Based on the Introduction and based on the answers to any questions you might have, with the exercise of Godly discretion rather than out of fleeting emotions based on an appeal to a pair of itching ears, your help is requested, as it is quite urgently needed; to the point of hearkening back to those final days in Lynchburg, except this time, I have been unable to secure even a bed at a homeless shelter, and having called again many dozens of churches and ministries across the country, attempting to find refuge, the attempt has been totally unsuccessful. I am, grateful in one respect and always to God for his ever-goodness, therefore, unable to leave, and I am also unable to stay, as things stand at this hour [/Dec11].

Going Nowhere

Let me assure you, I do not give up easily.

Regarding work, I assure you I have not taken more than half a day off since Christmas 2017. As everyone and his pet iguana appears to be bent on "helping" me by handing me phone numbers to government agencies rather than finding real, productive, hearty American-style (read "Christian") work, below you will find that I have made entrepreneurial and ministerial plans that are being implemented, starting right here.

Since the American government has seen so fit as to involve itself in every aspect of our lives -- from our pillow-case materials to grave taxes -- and which Christians just can't help themselves but to keep voting for and supporting by means of that Biblical defense of The Lesser of Two Evils -- one can guess how successful the "traditional job" hunt has been for someone such as myself. Beyond the illegitimate pragmatics imposed by "compassionate socialism" and its necessarily vast array of regulations and armies of enforcers and lawyers, which all combine to make business owners gleefully eager to hire a blind man that brings with him a truckload of potential lawsuits if he should but trip over a waste basket, even after having learned to appeal by reassuring that Yours Truly is no litigator, one can further imagine how often I have been declined even the time of day by interviewers for coming across as too Christian. For those unfortunate enough to be stuck in such, you know how conducive America's corrupt business clime has become; you know how well for Yours Truly the "orientation" went with the veep of Humanist Recourses, playing for all us boot-licking nodders one of those training videos, portraying the Christian getting angry at the posting of a breakroom bulletin-board advertisement for an upcoming "pride parade", and then being told firmly by a mid-level manager that he had better hold his tongue about it because We don't tolerate intolerance around here. And some of you think that is a made-up story.

Effort: Futile.

Prior to the vision loss, I had not gone more than about two months without a corporate job in over a decade.

Ditto with the housing: Without steady income, the housing search is:


You want to rent a room? Um, we have stairs here, I don't think it would work out. Safety issues, you know.

And some of you think that is a made-up story. I have even been denied a motel room.

Full Steam Ahead

So, I have done what any good, red-blooded Christian American would do:

I have struck out on my own to establish something new, something better than all of that, but I need help to make it happen.

Yet not to be done without accountability:

For a brief accounting, please see the G&R&GB section; please pardon the ongoing site construction -- things will be somewhat on-and-off as I get things rolling -- so as usual, please contact me with questions.

Help Fan the Flames of Revival

Three avenues have been created for assisting:


Me, personally:

The living conditions and expenses are steep and severe, but not in any way to be considered living luxuriantly. It is barebones minimum, and as recalled from the Intro, I am in a place that is as cheap as possible under the circumstances described above, but which is not actually cheap, which would not be considered safe, but which is great for helping people in serious need; in other words, in no way living high on the hog. Every dollar I can shave from these expenses will be used for ministry, but I am as of now without a means of subsisting past Friday, December 14th (these pages will be updated as frequently as possible to reflect changes).

When I say 'urgent', that is indeed the case.

This site,, represents the personal Me; therefore, making a donation here will provide a means to contribute directly to these mundane concerns in #1.


Ministry, as will soon be more fully detailed at

Everything, all of this, all of that, is about Jesus Christ, about finding, teaching, implementing real solutions that He has provided, through direct evangelism in the way of proclaiming unashamedly boldly The Gospel and all Biblical truth; through direct discipleship, teaching and training a very closely knit group at first, not in the failed traditions and traditional ways, but through the planting and building of a local fellowship, Pensacola Bible Church, where the goal is to be that pillar and ground of all things right and good, not a morass of politicking, gossip, and watered-down idiocies as already described. Churches must be visited, debates must ensue, classes must be taught, research must be conducted, materials prepared, and sermonds preached.

Another fund, entirely separate from the other two means of helping described above and below, has been created, and will be used only, ever, and directly for those ministries described at, not for me personally, not for the business side of things or for personal expenses, but only for what is described on the ministry sites (coming soon). As you could discern from the Introduction, there will never be any kind of tax deduction available for any of the kh ministries, as I will remain free from those cumbersome attached strings that quickly become chains and snares unto corruption; such is a major part of The Problem. I and we will be part of The Solution.


Wherever I am and wherever you are:

Individuals need serious help.

Families need strengthening.

Churches need founding, grounding, and exposing.

Governments need Godly guidance.

Hence, one way you can help is to pre-order what will become the bedrock of Christian curriculum used throughout every ministry, every interaction, every witness ...

A Resurrection Day Gift for You

Codename: APROPOS

Now, your first question will be, What is it? What will Karl be sending me for Easter?

And my first question in reply will be, What top-secret project with a codename have you ever heard of that came out and divulged itself all over the innerwebs? It wouldn't very well be much of a secret if I told you, now would it?

Giving through will provide supporters with something tangible in return for their assistance, an additional means to support myself and the ministries as explained above.


You will note, however, that I said "pre-order" -- an important distinction. For any financial contribution through Gospelogos, the project home page, exceedingly diligent effort will be made to send to you before Easter the first makings of what the project will become, although the final release is scheduled for upcoming Resurrection Day. In other words, the better goes this appeal to assist with making it through Resurrection Day where I am and without any major interruptions, the better your Easter gift will be!

If for any reason a pre-release version becomes impossible before Easter, I would like to offer two alternatives, which can be specified as desired upon donating at gospelogos:


First and simplest, the pre-release version can be sent to you at its earliest availability.


Or, your contribution can be put toward the final release, which I will be most happy to send to you upon its earliest availability.

If there is any shortfall toward the final price, a thirty-day period will begin on the release date, after which the prerelease version will be sent if it is not desired to make up the difference.

Clear communications will be sent if these alternatives become necessary.

Bucking the trend once again, rather than ending this Introduction and Appeal with the usual, hypocritical "God Bless You" as I make an appeal for help, I will instead request that blessing upon condition:

On behalf of myself and on behalf of Karl Henderson Ministries,

God bless you, as you serve Him according to His will.

Giving Matters

Please Do Not Give If

Please consider not donating under these circumstances, as even the "business" aspects of life and ministry are not separate from God's purview as King; all are to be conducted honorably and with integrity. You can learn more about the principles behind the following, through the related content here and at the sister sites. Thank you for considering these needs; however, if yours are also such as would be indicated by the below, then mine is not the only house in need of reordering:

If it would involve the use of a debt instrument such as a credit card; please use a debit card instead.

If doing so would significantly negatively impact your plan to achieve debt freedom.

If the funds were obtained from a government source for any reason other than the performance of a just function of that government (military, infrastructure, criminal justice/law enforcement, and their just administrations).